Stardust has broken into the melodic rock scene with their first single: Shine.

Their first EP has the sound of the popular 80’s melodic rock, but with an extra dose of Stardust!

Founded by two friends Mickey Summers (lead vocals) and Tim Keeley (drums) in 2017, with the addition of Tommy Geller (lead guitar and vocals), Kenny Legrand (keyboard) and Ben Martin (bass and vocals).

The sound of Stardust can be described as melodic hard rock and AOR genre, with strong choruses, beautiful keyboards, stunning vocal harmonies and howling guitar solos all 80’s like...but for the 21st century!

Stardust puts on a great live show featuring songs from their album, but they’re happy to play well known rock hits, and even a few unique AOR & Melodic Rock style cultic songs, too!