Stardust has broken into the melodic rock scene with their first song: Shine.

Their first EP already reflects their beloved melodic rock style, that ruled the entire world in the eighties, but they are adding a stint of today’s sound to the music, that has its renaissance again!

The band was founded by the singer Mickey Summers and Tim Keeley who were already friends for a little time. They asked the guitarist, vocalist and 80s music fan Tommy Geller to join them. He was followed by Zo Rock on the bass, and Kenny Legrand on the keyboards.

Their remarkable style is a compound of classical melodic hard rock and A.O.R. genre, with big choruses, beautiful keyboards, stunning vocal harmonies, and howling guitars in the style of their favourite mid 80's bands, waking up alive this kind of soulful, and well beloved musical genre, with a 21th century-sound!

Stardust would play during their live shows more and more original songs for their fans but they’re happy to play well-known rock hits, and quite a few cultic unique songs as well!