Tommy Geller

"Big hair, big guitars, big fun"! - Like a cartoon figure, who stucked here somewhere from the mid 80’s" That’s his remarkable style, which is already known by the young, Hungarian rock music scene.
He was born in somewhere the former Yugoslavia, coming from a family of well approved radio and TV journalists. His life was infected with music from the cradle, just to mention his parents collection of cca 3000 vinyl records, that he started discovering as early as he could walk a single step!
Tommy studied playing on the piano at first, but once he had stolen his father’s guitar at the age of 11 and started scraping on the strings some famous riffs that he liked.Then he studied music, and as he adored to sing since his childhood, he consciously trained himself autodidactly to sing backing vocals.
Both on guitars and vocals he has contributed in different productions, released more studio LP-s with his other bands, organized some tribute concerts.
As Stardust, between Tommy and Mickey has a great musical chemistry, they have spooky similarity of melodical sense and therefore they love to work together.
Maybe his former homeland is the sole reason why his heart beats faster for the southern, mediterranean landscapes and rocky mountains. In his free time he does swimming, hiking, mushroom picking, rock climbing, mountaneering, skiing and speargun fishing – in a word: 
he likes to get as closer to Mother Nature as it’s possible!
He’s a total fanatic of 80’s rock & pop music, the Adriatic seacoast and the Alps.Anyway, rumour has it he’s a real grill & barbecue master.

Questions & answers:

Star sign : Scorpion
Instrument : Guitars & Vocals
Favourite bands :

Def leppard
early Bon Jovi 
Van Halen (both worlds!) 
, Kiss(unmasked era!), 
, Whitesnake 
Stage dolls,
Drive, she said
Favourite singer: David Coverdale,
 Lou Gramm,
 Michael Bolton,
 Paul Stanley,
 Mickey Thomas,
 Ronnie Dio & many more!
Favourite drink: White wine, gassed mineral water, strong coffees & tasty teas
Favourite food: Mostly mediterranean, balkan and hungarian cuisine, like seafood, grilled lamb, or a fine steak of a wild boar with mushrooms collected by myself out in the woods
Favourite book: I really like to read classical and modern travelogues and literature about great explorers, about mountaineering or diving expeditions, or great travellers, conquerors. Several to name, mostly the books of Hans Hass, Reinhold Messner, Heinrich Harrer, Kurt Diemberger
Favourite film: Back to the future trilogy, Footloose, Point break, The Miami Vice series and some blue tinted 80’s mind lemonade things like that, with good music and nice blonde girls, for sure! Today i like to watch mostly psycho, supernatural or gothic style horror movies!
Favourite actor/actress: i have no idea, but she has to be blonde!
First record(s): Iron maiden’s the number of the beast, i begged my mom for that!
Hobbies: Anything, that is connected to the nature! From waters deep to mountains high! Hiking, rock climbing, i’m a skilled skier, snorkelling and fishing, swimming in our river, the danube, collecting mushrooms, follow my dad to hunting trips
Biggest influences: John Norum, Richie Sambora, Steve Clark & Phil Collen, Eddie Van Halen,Zele lipovaca, John Sykes, Neal Schon, Kee Marcello

Favourite Lp’s:

  • Bon Jovi - Slippery when wet / 7800 Fahrenheit (undefinable!!!)
  • Europe – the final countdown
  • Def Leppard – high n dry / Pyromania/ Hysteria (undefinable!!!)
  • Van Halen – 1984 / Balance (undefinable!!!)
  • Kiss – hot in the shade
  • Foreigner – Inside information / 4 (un f&@#n’ definable, i told you :d)
  • Whitesnake – 1987 / Slip of the tongue
• Richie Sambora – Stranger in this town
  • Divlje Jagode – Vatra
  • Iron Maiden – The number of the beast

Biggest experiences:

  • balancing on a narrow ledge, on a steep rock wall with more hundred meters of fresh air below your feet!
  • diving with apnea 33 feet deep under the surface of the sea to catch a huge conger eel for the dinner!
  • tanding ont he stage, in front of 5.000 crazy people singing your song!