Ben Martin

Since the age of his early childhood days, the music took an integral part of Ben’s life. It was a matter of coincidence that bass became his main instrument, though he wanted to be a guitarist, earlier. All of his first bands have been looking for a bass player at the time he joined, so he decided to try. So, that’s how he fell in love with the mighty bass, and he stuck by the instrument. Nowadays he’s studying bass guitar on highest grade of education level.
There are few things that Ben likes more than to take loooooong evening walks in the city, gaping between the floodlit buildings!
He’s the member of the band since 2017. In his own words: „It’s such a refreshing, inspirating thing to play in this band, that plays this beloved kind of music!”

Questions & answers:

Star sign: Aries
Instrument: bass guitar, vocals
Favourite band: Pink Floyd
Favourite singer: Phil Collins
Favourite drink: Nicaraguan tobacco-coffee
Favourite book: Nick Mason: Inside Out
Favourite movie: Pulp Fiction
Favourite actor: Ralph Fiennes
First LP: AC/DC – Black Ice
Hobbies: card-playing
Biggest influence: Leland Sklar
Favourite LPs:

  • Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of The Moon
  • AC/DC: Back In Black
  • Toto: IV